Prisma Go Client Docs

Typesafe database access for Go

Welcome to the Prisma Go client’s docs!

You'll find everything you need here to get work with the Prisma Go client. If you can't find anything or have any questions, please open an issue (opens in a new tab)!

You can always use the search in the top right corner or press CMD+K / CTRL+K to look for anything specific.


Sponsors & Consulting I'm looking for sponsors (opens in a new tab) to be able to work on the Go client full time. I also offer consulting to answer all your concerns and questions, help you set everything up and more. Get in touch!

Getting started

Help & Support

It's also recommended reading the Prisma docs (opens in a new tab) for all tooling around the Go client, like the Prisma schema file (opens in a new tab) or Prisma migrate (opens in a new tab).